Tamm turns marketing plans and ideas into measurable actions. It has been designed with ease of use, instant access and speedy turnaround in mind. Its features have been designed so that users can quickly and easily create, manage and evaluate marketing campaigns that merge online marketing with traditional marketing tools and techniques.

Visual Dashboard



See all your marketing activity at any time. Know what is happening day by day, store by store. Manage, allocate, evaluate and synchronize budgets, assign tasks, update campaign content, access marketing material and evaluate activity instantly.

Management Console

Management Console


Allows for the synchronization of marketing activity across multiple sites. It allows users to add multiple branches and multiple users within a firm. This allows firms to have national campaigns that can be easily managed at a local level to ensure that national activity can be customized and localized to each location.

Scheduling & Clever Calendar



Allows for the scheduling and automation of marketing activity including Facebook, Twitter, email, text, SMS, press adverts, radio adverts and press release and assign employee tasks

Powerful Analytics



Allows you to select from a series of Key Performance Marketing indicators to evaluate your marketing activity and campaigns.

Marketing Vault

Marketing Vault


Gathers all marketing intelligence in one unified space for access by users anytime, anywhere, any place. It ensures instant and easy access to marketing intelligence and corporate identity within a firm.

Innovative Marketing Wizard



Allows for the easy and quick creation of sophisticated campaigns that can be managed, evaluated and reused quickly. Streamlines routine tasks and processes thus saving time. Its ease of use ensures that even the most inexperienced users can create a campaign.

Benefits of Using Tamm

Increases Productivity


Increases sales/leads


Saves Time


Saves Money